When you’re moving your house, how to get your fridge into your new kitchen is probably the last thing your are going to think about. If you’ve got children, they’ll be confused and maybe little bit stressed. One of your main jobs might be changing, your kids school and talking with them. You could be tоo busy and neglect the kids school. There’s just so much to sort out! But when you choose the professional team of Allied – The Careful Movers™ to organize your move, that’s one less thing for you to think about. You’ll still have to pack up your belongings and make sure it’s all ready to be moved in the new home. The kitchen is so often a pain point when it comes to packing it. Read these three advices and they can make it much easier:

1) Make sure the fridge is empty

Before the moving day, you’ll need to empty your fridge and defrost it. You will need to remove your food and either storing it somewhere else if you are moving locally, or giving it to charities that provide food to those who need it most when you may be relocating overseas. You don’t need to throw anything.


Defrosting the fridge is the most important things to do. You have to unplug it and let the ice inside melt. You can leave your fridge at the same place for this process, but make sure you have towels underneath to soak up the water. Once this is ready, you can clean it and make sure everything is ready to be moved.


2) Packing the cutlery and crockery

Cutlery and crockery takes a lot of room in our kitchens. It’s what we use to eat, after all.


Plates, bowls, pots and pans take a lot of space in the boxes. You should make sure everything is wrapped safely. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to avoid braking something when it is transported. Plates should be packed standing upright in the box, this ensures that they are staying on their strongest point – which is their edge. Cups and bowls should also be packed upside down to ensure they are transported safely. Don’t try to put too much items into each box. If one is full, start filling a new one to avoid things being smashed together.


3) Appliances are key

From the plates to the toaster to the fridge, we all have kitchen appliances that we use every day. If you need to unpack these first, leave them to be packed last in the important box. This is reserved as the last box packed, and the first unpacked, so if you need a coffee mug after you settle in your new home, you won’t have to search through all the boxes trying to find the mug for your morning coffee.


Allied – The Careful Movers™ are able to supply you the boxes that you may need or we can even pack the entire kitchen for you to help make your move easier, so get in touch today.