How are Large Items Packed?

Large Items Packed

Learn how large items are packed, such as furniture, appliances and electronics, should be packed by professional movers.The safety of your items is our main focus when packing up and getting ready for the move. Our entire business hinges on getting your things where they need to go (and in one piece), so this is a task is very important for us.


If you’ve ever wondered how big items like your Tv screen, major appliances, mattresses, and other large furniture will be secured against harm, here’s an insider’s look at the packing and moving process.

Big Screen TV

If you have the original box your television came in, find it and have it ready for us, because we may be able to use it to re-pack your stuff. If not, don’t worry—we have specialty cartons for just about every kind of item out there. For televisions, we use a mirror carton, which uses a telescoping approach to move large, flat items like mirrors, TVs, and art work.

Once we find the perfect sized mirror carton for your television, we’ll:

  • Apply more protection to the screen;
  • Wrap the whole television with shrink and/or bubble wrap;
  • Put it inside the mirror carton;
  • Cover with extra mirror cartons;
  • Seal with packing tape.

We’ll also be sure and label the item correctly, so we can continue being careful as we load it up.

Major Appliances

Always have your major appliances turned off, cleaned, and dried, with any loose/detachable parts removed to be packed individually. Things like gas hookups and water reservoirs need to be prepared earlier, so if you aren’t able to get to these tasks done, we’ll need a little extra time to attend to them ourselves.

Our main focus for major appliances is wrapping and padding. We have specialty bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and stretch wrap that’s designed to give the right amount of protection and to keep things like doors and drawers from flying open during transit. (We’ll also tape down doors that need the extra protection.)

We always recommend you have a professional at your new home to hook up things like gas stoves and dishwashers, since installation may require a professional touch.


As is the case with your flat screen TV, mattresses have their own special cartons for packing. To make a perfect fit, these come in separate sizes, including:

  • Queen/King;
  • Double;
  • Single (Twin);
  • Crib;
  • Box Spring.

Because mattresses tend to be self-padding, we won’t spend a lot of time on bubble wrap, but we will ensure that the cartons protect the mattress against cuts, tears, snags, and the dirt of transit.

Large Furniture Pieces

Couches and dining tables,chairs and entertainment stands—all these things are handled differently depending on the item type. Many of the more common approaches include:

  • Disassembling furniture and packing items separately;
  • Removing furniture legs/table inserts and wrapping or boxing them up;
  • Protecting corners with cardboard and bubble wrap;
  • Wrapping entire pieces in shrink wrap (we’ll never use plastic on wood to prevent damage/warping);
  • Specialty pads or blankets for large wood pieces;
  • Taping down doors/drawers/cupboards.


Because your home and its contents are special, we encourage you to contact us directly for particular questions about your large item concerns. During your in-home estimate you should talk about all large appliances and furniture with your sales rep as the materials needed to pack these items may impact the cost of your move. Once you hire a mover, if they are doing the packing, coordinate your needs for specialty boxes and large item protection before movers come to your new home.