How to Recycle The Packing Materials

You have just moved to a new home . What do you do with all the items you used to pack? Get advice  how to recycle the packing materials for example bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and crates. When you settle in your new home and you have handled all the unpacking, at the end you are left with a lot of packing materials. These materials can take up quite a bit of space.

For an eco-friendly move that you can feel great about, here are ways to think about to recycle the packing materials
  •  Cardboard Boxes: Most cardboard boxes can be used again after a move. Although the quality will never be the same, many people don’t mind using carefully used boxes for their own purposes. Give them back to the movers. Most cardboard boxes can also be composted or recycled in traditional bins if you break them down first.
  • Newsaper: Using newspaper as a way to wrap fragile items and fill space in boxes is great because it is so easily to recycled. It can also be used for things like yard work or art projects around the house. Packing and butcher paper usually fall under this category, as well.
  •  Bubble Wrap: After the bubble wrap has been used and your kids have played with it, it should be recycled in the same way you would dispose of plastic bags, etc. You might also call the company that gave the wrap to see if they have a recycling program.
  •  Packing Crates: Although the use of wooden crates isn’t often used(because they’re heavier, bulkier, and cost more), these do occasionally crop up. They also tend to be highly reusable, as they make great shelves and craft projects for DIY decorators.


If you want to ask about what may or may not be recycled, you can always call your moving company. They should have a list of acceptable materials to place in the recycling bin or ideas about where to send your extras.