Stages of an International Removal

Preparing for International Moving:  The Pre – Move Survey

To begin the international moving process, one of our moving specialists will come to your home to explain the services that Allied offers and will perform a survey of everything in your home that will be moved – pointing out items along the way that can’t be moved, such as flammable cans of paint. They will also identify items that might require special attention, such as antiques, marble tables or a wine collection.

Your quote will be based on the volume of goods to be shipped or the weight of goods if there is an airfreight shipment. Accurate estimating depends on the level of detail given to the relocation consultant during this part of the international moving process. The more accurate the details, the more accurate the quote.

What can you do to help?

Make sure that all items are shown in detail, including the contents of drawers, cupboards, attics and garages. Items that are not currently at your home but will be included in your move should be described accurately, so if you are planning to make new purchases be sure to tell us during the survey.

You may decide to store some of your items in your origin country or at destination. Storage is a cost-effective solution if you are renting your home or there are items that you to not plan to use in your new home. Make sure to advise your international moving specialist of any storage needs you may have.

Preparing for International Moving: Protecting Possessions

Your moving specialist will discuss transit protection options with you in the unlikely event of loss or damage. International moving will often involve containerized shipping and other transport hazards and while Allied will pack your goods professionally, transit protection cover gives you the security and peace-of-mind you need during your move. Purchasing transit protection is an integral part of your pre-move preparation.

Preparing for International Moving: Documentation

Proper documentation is very important due to heightened security requirements. You can rely on the expertise of your move coordinator to guide you through the correct documents and help you complete the correct paperwork for your origin and destination countries. Don’t delay as documentation is a critical part of the international move preparation process and late receipt may delay your shipment.

Professional Packing Services

Moving abroad requires experienced, highly trained international packers to make sure that packing and loading takes place correctly. Allied is one of Serbia’s most experienced international moving companies.

A Range of Transit Options to Suit your Needs

You can choose from different methods of transport depending upon your timescale and international removals budget. Allied can move your consignment by air or sea. You can also choose from a direct or consolidated service or a combination. With Allied’s fleet of green vehicles to collect and deliver your shipment, you can be sure that your move will be eco–friendly too. 

A Single Trusted Resource

If you move overseas with your Allied office in Serbia, you will be assigned a highly skilled move coordinator to talk you through the move process and create a solution that is right for you. The move coordinator will manage the logistics of your move from door-to-door. They will be at your service to answer any questions along the way.

Careful preparation for an international move is one of the most important factors in a successful overseas relocation. Moving overseas can be a complicated process and this is why the Allied guide is a helpful document.


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