Flexible Pricing Programs

For corporate relocation services, cost-effectiveness is a premier concern. Cost is the one area that most people look at first. Yet, Allied knows that all companies are different. That’s why we’re proud to give you the most flexible pricing programs in the industry. With Allied, you can rest assured that your company is receiving the highest-quality corporate relocation services for the money you are spending.

The Most Flexible Corporate Relocation Company

There’s no one bottom line here for our corporate relocation services. Choose from traditional tariff rates or the latest performance-based pricing, to the simplicity of single factor rates. Allied can design any pricing structure to meet your needs. Our flexible pricing ensures that no matter what your budget constraints, we can effectively relocate your business.

Single Factor Rate Pricing: A Blended Discount

Single-factor rate pricing uses rate/cost “averages” based on your company’s household goods traffic patterns or all Allied customer shipments. Through this household goods contract, corporate customers receive significant cost savings in the form of a blended discount off published tariff rates, as well as value-added corporate relocation services.

To provide the utmost benefits for corporate customers, average rates are developed for packing, labor, containers and transportation charges, based on the cubic size and/or weight of the shipment, as well as the number of miles the shipment will travel. These rate/cost averages are blended together, becoming a consistent discount, without regard to seasonal or regional pricing changes. As a result, the tariff, audit and cost complexities associated with individual service charges are eliminated.

Value-added services for corporate customers include transit time enhancements (shorter loading and delivery schedules), valuation options (free full replacement coverage up to a stated euro amount), priority scheduling (commitment of Allied’s best drivers and trucks) and superior service (customer satisfaction).

Why Allied Is Your Corporate Relocation Company?

The flexibility we can provide our corporate customers is what sets us above the rest in terms of relocating your business. You need to receive the highest quality corporate relocation services for the most economical prices. We are also versatile in the corporate relocation services you can choose, making your corporate relocation entirely customizable to your budget and needs.

Allied – The Superior Corporate Relocation Company

With our many pricing options for our corporate relocation services, Allied is the unmatched choice for your next move. The flexible pricing options we provide our corporate friends adhere to our undying quality standard – the Allied Advantage. We understand your business’s need of flexibility in cost and corporate relocation services. With Allied, you can receive the best of both worlds: unmatched corporate relocation services and a cost-effective relocation for your business. Whatever your pricing structure needs, our programs can be tailored to fit your budget.