How to Get the Best Deal on TV and Internet in Your New Location

When the moving company drops off your belongings at your new home, you will want to be connected to the outside world. In fact, you’ll want to start researching TV and Internet providers long before the movers unload your televisions and computers. While many people just use the companies that the previous occupants used, it pays to shop around.

  • Some areas have only one provider, so the decision is already made for you. But many areas have multiple providers and you will have to research to find the best deal and what works for you.
  • Find out what providers offer these services to your home. Just because one company provides service to your neighbour across the street doesn’t necessarily mean it provides service to your house.
  • Once you identify the providers that offer services to your home, go online and research the companies for reliability of service. In addition, look at some chat boards to see the prices that other people are paying for the services you are looking for.
  • Call all of the providers that offer TV and Internet services to your house and ask them their prices. Many times they have promotional deals that sound great, but make sure to ask what the final price will be once the promotional period ends. It could end up costing more in the long run.
  • For TV service, choose what channels you watch so you don’t get a channel package that has more channels than you actually would use. Also, many times there is an extra charge to watch high-definition channels and to get a digital recording device. Purchase only what you and your family will use.
  • For Internet service, most companies offer different tiers of speed. The common “non-techie” person doesn’t necessarily know how much Internet speed he or she will need. Unless you are a serious “gamer” or have multiple computers streaming videos, the lower tiers will work just fine for you. Yes, it is nice to have web pages load at lightning fast, but that comes at a cost — sometimes a considerable one.
  • Most providers offer discounts to “bundle” services, typically phone (both cell and land line), cable/satellite TV, and Internet. However, bundles are not always the lowest cost, even with the discount. Depending on what you use, it might be best to purchase the services individually. Get the bundle price and the price for each individual service to decide which is the best way to go. And remember to check what the total price will be after any promotional period is over.

Be ready to negotiate with the providers. Many times they can offer more than they do for the promotional period they tout. However, you need to ask for it and bargain. The biggest thing to remember is what the total cost will be after the promotional periods end. Keep those time periods in mind (maybe even write them down on a calendar), as you might want to call the providers and negotiate again. Negotiating is worth a shot. The worst thing the provider can say is “no.


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