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Office Moving tips

Office Moving tips

Some office moving tips on how to prepare:

Personal Possessions

The mover cannot be responsible for your personal possessions, such us legal papers, money, checks, pictures, plants, crystals, lighters, fountain pens, etc. For your own protection, we suggest you move these items privately. You can however ask the movers for advice on how to pack those items, or purchase any special containers.


Empty your desks before the move and pack all contents in boxes. Loose materials and small items such as current working papers, letter trays, books and other desk items should be sealed in plastic bags or envelopes and then put in boxes with other items.

Filing Cabinets

Do not empty the filing cabinets but files should be locked prior to moving. Ensure that they are locked or securely fastened with tapes or strings.

Security files

If security regulations require escorts, make special arrangements with your moving company prior to the move.


One of the  great office moving tips we can share is that you should throw away as much garbage as possible before the actual moving day. It is possible to get permission from the city to have industrial size dumpsters placed in front of the building if you have an excess amount of garbage to throw away. The moving company in Serbia may be in position to make the arrangements for bringing the dumpsters. Remember that: the more you throw away, the less you have to pack and move with you. Make sure that nothing important gets thrown away.


It is recommended to examine the building access at both locations (stairs, freight elevators, loading docks), parking issues prior to the move in order to avoid last moment surprises at the time of collection and delivery. Elevators should be in working order and large enough to move the furniture. If there are no elevators, be sure to inform the moving company so they can make the required arrangements (e.g. use of an external lift or cranes).

Moving electrical machinery

Photocopy Machines: Remove all fluids from the photocopy machines. Contact the supplier and check if the machines need to be removed in some special way or if supplier should undertake the move of the specific items;

Computers: Disconnect and dismantle computers properly. An IT specialist should monitor this procedure and assist accordingly with the process of disassembling and later reassembling of the equipment;

Vending Machines: Remove all items from the vending machines if any. Contact the supplier if special arrangements are required;

Water Dispensers: Empty water from any water dispensers. Contact the supplier if special arrangements are required;

Rented Equipment: If you have any items or machinery which are rented you must notify your rental company before the day of the move.

Internet connection and telephone lines

Ensure that your Internet connection is ready to go and that the phones and fax machines are working. The sooner you get back to work, the sooner you can continue working

As your moving company in Serbia, we at Allied fell that is our duty to offer to our customers some office moving tips.

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The teams were great and very careful. The head driver Mike was excellent and I would absolutely request the driver if I should have to move again.

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