Have you ever forgotten to do something vital when you’re moving house? It’s stressful situation, we know.  You’re in a hurry and you think you’ve remembered everything but then it happens. You realize that you packed your passport or important documents  in a box and now you don’t know were the box is. Getting ready for the big day will make the whole moving a lot smoother – but there are some things that you could easily forget. You can use the list below when you are preparing and packing up your home, so you don’t forget.

1) Inform the schools

When you’ve got children, it can be so easy to forget that you need to tell their schools about any change of address. You can be busy making sure they’re prepared for the move and forget about other important things.


An email or phone call to the administrative office at a school is all you need to do to inform them about your change of address. Any paperwork can be filled out at a later date.

2) Empty the dishwasher

This is so easy to forget! It might be that you put the dishwasher on a few days before your move, only to distract your self from the other things you have to organize, and it slips from your mind to un-emptied.


You’ll have some of your kitchen utensils and maybe your favorite coffee mugs in there. These should all be packed and transport to your new home. To be safe, make sure you don’t use the dishwasher very often until the big day. If you can hand wash all of your dishes, you will avoid forgetting to pack them up because they’ll probably just be sitting on the drying rack.

3) Find all of your hidden valuables

Most people like to keep everything safe. Sometimes the valuable things are so well hidden, that we forget where they are.


There might be keys outside the front door or a secret safe. You’ll have valuables things in these hidden places. You’ll want your valuable belongings to come with you, and the keys to be given to the estate agent, and not just left hidden for someone to find them. If you have hidden jewelry or cash, start looking for them at least a few weeks before the moving day.

4) Make sure you have your things for the first night

It is important to make a Take-With-Me list – it’s a checklist of what is necessary for your first night, or week, or however long until you unpack the boxes. Your list should include credit cards, toiletries, some food items, passports and anything else you could need urgently. Put these somewhere obvious so you don’t pack them into a box by accident.

5) Give the keys to the new owner or estate agent

When you move out, make sure you give all of the house keys, garage door openers and alarm remotes to the estate agent or new owners. These can cost a lot to replace. Check your keyring for anything that belongs to the house and in your cars for any spare remotes you might have forgotten.


Moving houses can be an exciting experience, just make sure you remember to sort out these five easy-to-forget tasks! For more help getting your move sorted, contact Allied – The Careful Movers™.